Recharge your Creska Account

As a Creska client, you may deposit and receive dollars in your Virtual Account, through the various means we offer you, to save, collect from your clients or send dollars to family and friends. That easy!

We provide solutions for your financial needs.


Recharge online whenever you want or send money to your relatives in a simple way; you can receive payments from third parties or clients through:

    • International credit / debit cards.
    • Zelle.
    • Paypal.
    • Cryptocurrencies exchange.*
    • Cash.**
  • It is as simple as logging to this link here or sharing it with the person who wishes to send you money.

  • Minimum recharge is USD 10. The transactions will be reflected in your Creska Virtual Account in a maximum of 24 hours period.

* Only available for some platforms.
** Only available in some countries.

How to recharge your Creska Virtual Account with a credit card?

How to recharge your Creska Virtual Account with PayPal?