Creska Virtual Account


Your Virtual Dollars Account allows you to save, receive payments and manage your money on line, from any place in the world 365 days a year.

The best features of your Creska Virtual Account: no minimum opening deposit amount and no monthly charge for maintenance or for having account balance at USD $0.

You will be able to manage your money through our web portal or our APP.


  • Save in dollars

  • Recharge or receive payments from third parties through:

    • International credit / debit cards

    • Zelle, Paypal, cryptocurrencies exchange *

    • Cash **

  • Transfer to other Creska users immediately.
  • Convert your dollars into your local currency easily **
  • Opening process, completely online.
  • Maintenance cost: $0
  • Monthly Cost: $0
  • No Minimum Balance
  • Low transaction costs.
**Only available for some platforms.
** Only available in some countries.


Natural Person:

  • Fill the online Form here.

  • Attach your current and valid Identity Document and comply with the verification process.

Legal Entity:

  • Fill the Legal Person Form here.

  • Complete the Online Natural Person Form for the Company’s Legal Representative.

  • Send us the Articles of Incorporation / Statutes.

  • Send us the Company’s Tax Registration Number.

How to make a transfer between Creska users?

How to recharge your Creskard?

How to recharge with Creska and PayPal?


  • Opening Fee $ 0

  • Minimum Balance Fee $ 0

  • Maintenance Fee $ 0

To see the Tutorial Video, click here:

There is no minimum amount; you can recharge your account from USD 1.

Maximum recharge amounts vary depending on your transactional record.

The crediting period is up to 24 hours, if you have complied correctly with the indications given.

Consult under “Comisiones” (Fees) in the following here.

Logging to your Virtual Account, click on the “Recarga Online” (Online Recharge) button, then press the button with the flags and follow the system’s instructions.